chicagoland wedding

Colleen and Matt Reardon

It is always so exciting when "one of our own" gets married. Colleen, a consultant for Engaging Events, married Matt this weekend. The wedding was so lovely and my husband and I got to be guests at the wedding. (Well, I TRIED not to work). Jaclyn Goris, another consultant for Engaging Events, did an excellent job organizing the day.

Maricay and James Gorgeous May Wedding

Becky Hill (one of my favorite photographers in Chicago) posted some pictures of a wedding we recently did together on May 10th, 2009. The ceremony was at Holy Family in Chicago followed by a "rocking" reception at Maggiano's which was DJ'ed by the 'oh so fabulous' DJ Toad. 

The Marriage of Katie and Johnny Callaghan

I can hardly wait to post these pictures! Not even 24 hours later, Kurt and Nick Gerber have put together this BEAUTIFUL photo montage of Katie and Johnny's wedding last night. 

Register with Pampered Chef

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A New Leaf Chicago Wedding: Shelby and Doug

Shelby and Doug were married on October 20th, 2008, at Parkview Lutheran church, an adorable little church which is actually in my own neighborhood! Their reception at A New Leaf was a blast for their guests! Their guests enjoyed a wonderful dinner upstairs in the apartment and danced until the wee hours of the morning.

Ali Phillips Picked for Little Black Book on Style Me Pretty Blog

I am excited, pleased and flattered to announce that Abby Larson of "Style Me Pretty": has chosen me to take part in her Little Black Book of vendors in Chicago for the event planner category! The Little Black Book is Abby's "one stop source for the best wedding vendors in your city" and I am so pleased I was picked to take part in this website! 
Her "daily inspirations" has inspired thousands of brides to save her wedding style blog to their favorites and read her great blog every day! I myself love looking every day at the fabulous events done but vendors in all parts of the country! 

Kristin and Jared King and the wedding at The Marriott Lincolnshire

I first met Ali several years ago when she planned my sister's wedding, literally saving it when the location fell-through at the last minute! So it was a no-brainer when I got engaged who I had to have to help me with my own wedding. I work long hours and Ali was there to answer all of my questions in whatever means worked best for me at the time - whether it was through email, late-night phone conversations, or the rare occasion when I could get away for a face-to-face meeting. Ali took care of everything on the wedding day so well that my husband and I were able to relax enough to keep us smiling and laughing the entire day through. Thanks to Ali, I had my absolute perfect wedding which I'll remember forever! 

Kyla and Pat Mirabella

When I got engaged my mom and I met with a few wedding planners. Ali was by far the most personable, knowledgeable and open about her experiences and planning process. We knew immediately that we wanted to hire Ali, and as a result my wedding ended up being more beautiful, and more importantly, more fun than I could have ever imagined. The entire day and evening flowed seamlessly, thanks to Ali’s amazing organization. There were so many times throughout the engagement that my mom and I were overwhelmed with questions as to the appropriate way of doing things. I cannot stress enough how wonderful it was to have Ali available to answer all of our questions, by e-mail, phone or even a meeting if we wanted it. 

Kristin and Jack Petersen

You dream of the picture-perfect wedding day—and Ali made all of our dreams come true. From our very first meeting, we knew Ali “got” us. She understood our vision and how to use the budget to make it a reality. She set us up with dependable and creative vendors, who meshed with our personalities and style. Ali never came across as overbearing or bossy—she’s really a friend and trusted advisor always ready to lend a hand, an opinion, or a worksheet to keep us on track!