stress free wedding planner

Jen and Louie Jimenez

Hands down, hiring Ali Phillips as our wedding consultant was the best decision we could have made. Ali’s professionalism was evident from our first point of contact and never once wavered throughout the course of our engagement. She had answers to every question we could think of, and I am still blown away by how organized Ali is. In addition, Ali’s flexible, cheerful and dependable. 
She thought of things that hadn't even occurred to us, and kindly reminded us of little things along the way that we could do to help dot every "i" and cross every "t." Ali played a huge role in bridging the gap between sanity and insanity, and for that we are extremely thankful. Consequently, our wedding day went off without a hitch. Ali provided guidance and support throughout the planning process. She has all sorts of great secrets, ranging from how to save money to lists of reasonable (and exceptional) vendors that were willing to work with our budget. We can’t thank Ali enough for her contribution to the day that we will never forget. —Jen & Louie Jimenez May 23, 2008 Wedding

Kyla and Pat Mirabella

When I got engaged my mom and I met with a few wedding planners. Ali was by far the most personable, knowledgeable and open about her experiences and planning process. We knew immediately that we wanted to hire Ali, and as a result my wedding ended up being more beautiful, and more importantly, more fun than I could have ever imagined. The entire day and evening flowed seamlessly, thanks to Ali’s amazing organization. There were so many times throughout the engagement that my mom and I were overwhelmed with questions as to the appropriate way of doing things. I cannot stress enough how wonderful it was to have Ali available to answer all of our questions, by e-mail, phone or even a meeting if we wanted it. 

Amanda and Justin Hooper

We couldn’t have asked for a better person to help us plan the best day of our lives. Our wedding day was more than we could have dreamed of, and we have Ali to thank. We will never forget walking into our reception – the room took our breath away. All of our friends and family were amazed at how much fun we had planning the wedding. She took the stress out of the planning and allowed us to enjoy every step leading up to our big day! There is not enough that can be said about Ali. She is an amazing person and an incredibly talented wedding planner. We feel lucky that we were able to work with her and cannot thank her enough! 

Allie and Mike Escudier

From the moment we met Ali, our minds were put at ease about our wedding. She was so organized and helpful with any little question that we had. There was no doubt that everything would go as planned. Instead of being stressed with all the details leading up to our wedding, that time ended up being such a joy for us! The day of the wedding went exactly as we had hoped, and it was even more magnificent than we could have imagined! Thanks to Ali, we could sit back and enjoy our wedding since we knew she had everything handled perfectly! She is the quintessential professional, and you will be free to enjoy every minute of this special day if you put your wedding in her capable hands. Thanks for making our day so special, Ali! 
Allie and Mike Escudier

Kelli and Paul Taylor

We met with six wedding planners and knew Ali was the one immediately. Within the first sixty seconds of a sixty minute meeting, my new husband, my mom and I shot each other a glance and it was done. Hired. She got us. Plain and simple. After the meeting, the three of us got in the car, looked at each other again, and just started cheering and dancing in our seats (hoping Ali hadn't caught a glimpse of our dorkiness as we drove away.) Keeping it cool has never been our strong suit. 

Jen and Shawn Gentile

Ali knows her craft and shined as my wedding planning savior! Ali knew how to assemble the wedding we wanted with the budget we were confined to with class, taste and elegance! 
Unlike most brides, I dreaded the day when I had to plan my wedding because my mother had passed away a few years earlier and I just had no idea how or where to start both physically and emotionally. Initially, I really didn't want to be too involved.

Mirvette and Efrain Cintron

When you reach 35 you realize how important it is to live your life stress free. With 9 months to plan a wedding, I knew I didn't want to worry about a thing the day of our wedding. I met with Ali and was so impressed with her down-to-earth personality.