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Hollywood fashion Tape

Hollywood fashion Tape

Many of my readers know me well and know I am not a "dress wearer". I am most times found in either a suit on a wedding day, a cute sweater set with slacks or a skirt during the week, or a golf skirt and spikes on the days I can play golf.  Recently, I was invited to an industry dinner (more on that later next week in a blog) and wore a pretty black dress I own. The v-shape of the neckline makes it a bit tricky in covering everything up. Not that I was pulling out the famous J-Lo green cascading dress neckline, but I needed a little help and did not want a safety pin showing.

Ali Phillips in Chicago Tribune

I was so excited to see the article I was interviewed for by Emilie Le Beau for the Chicago Tribune this past Sunday in their Smart Section! We had talked about the best things to have in an emergency kit for any mishaps on the wedding day. Read the article.

Be Prepared

Every smart girl needs to be prepared for an emergency while out and about shopping for wedding dresses or having lunch with her bridesmaids. Why not get a Swiss Army Knife for your purse? I know, I know, sounds very manly and boring but check out these cute Miss A Knife Kit. It comes in 12 different colors, to match your purse or pick your favorite color!