wedding shower ideas

Shower Gift Ideas

Shower Gift Ideas

It is "shower season'! That time of the year when brides showers take place and their new homes get stocked with wonderful items for their newlywed household. And summer brides, you may not only be a bride to be but many of you are bridesmaids in your own friends weddings. Need a good and fresh idea for a shower gift? Why not give library editions of vintage board games. Every house needs to have some great games to play over a glass of wine with friends or even a rainy Sunday with just the couple at home alone.

Eleni's Adorable Cookie Collection

I LOVE the cookies you can get on Eleni's website. Check out the cute cookies you could have on pretty silver trays on the table at your bridesmaid luncheon! Or what a cute gift for a hostess for your wedding shower! Click here to see the I Do! collection.

Register with Pampered Chef

What a great new idea from the ever innovative company, Pampered Chef. One of the trained kitchen consultants in your area could be available to meet you at your house and recommend the things you will need to have a fully stocked kitchen in your new home with your new spouse.

To register and learn more Click this link