In Memory of Beth Cortina

As many of my followers know, Beth Burton Cortina passed away peacefully with her dear and loving husband, Nick, and her so by her side on Thursday morning. Beth fought a battle with urachal adenocarcinoma since January 2009. On April 18th, 2010, Wish Upon a Wedding was able to grant Nick and Beth's wedding wish and they celebrated with 50 family and friends at Giovann's, their favorite restaurant in Joliet, Illinois. The Chicago Wish Upon a Wedding Board and many wish granters of Wish Upon a Wedding pulled together, donated their time and services and created the most magical day for Beth and Nick where cancer and sickness and doctors were not part of the day.

Beth had emailed me back in February, "Now, Nick and I don't have the time to wait for our wedding, but we'd like to share this one joyous element of our life with the many family members that have come forward in our time of difficulty. If Wish Upon a Wedding could help us with that, we'd be able to have the wedding we would love in spite of this bleak diagnosis." She also told me on the phone she wanted "a fun day with dancing and humor and celebration". 

Beth leaves behind the most loving and caring husband, Nick and her son Roy. But she also leaves behind her beautiful mark she has made on all of us who knew her. She was so caring, sweet, graceful and strong. She was an incredible woman and we will miss her dearly. Both Nick and Beth attended our launch party and our Blissful Wishes Ball and she will be missed so much. 

I so strongly believe in this organization. As Liz Guthrie our founder says, she did not think the state of someone's health should get in the way of anyone's love for each other and in having a beautiful wedding day. If you are interested in learning more or want to get involved please email me. Or if you are a bride and would consider making a donation in lieu of favors please visit the website.

Beth and Nick presented me a gorgeous heart pendant with a pink diamond on their wedding day to always remember Chicago Wish Upon a Weddings first wish recipents. I will wear it at every wedding I do as Beth and Nick will always reminds me that love truly conquers all.

In honor of Beth I share the most beautiful video that I Do Films did of their wedding below and thank Kurt Gerber for his incredible and beautiful pictures of the wedding day.