How to Get Wrinkles Out of a Wedding Dress

There is an amazing service in Chicago by Davis Imperial Cleaners which every bride should look into! They will perfectly press and steam your dress and deliver it on the day of the wedding so you don't have to worry about wrinkles in your dress! Or, it is a great idea to also talk to the location you purchased your dress about if they can do this for you as well and deliver your dress directly to your house,  hotel or location you are getting ready. That way none of your bridesmaids will have the burden of worrying about steaming or ironing your dress. 

Make sure to speak with your dress company about the care of your fabric. Not all fabrics can be steamed or ironed. When you pick up your wedding dress be sure to spend a moment talking with your sales person about the best care for your fabrics. When you get the dress home make sure to take it out of the bag so that it can hang freely and take the train down to ensure fewer wrinkles.  

Please note, if you do have to steam your wedding dress, do not place the steamer directly onto the dress. You will steam it from the inside and use a little towel over the steamer to get the little wrinkles out. Take your time and the wrinkles will disappear. 

And, most wrinkles won't show in pictures so that is another good tip :)