Pumpkins and your Fall Chicago Wedding

It is Halloween week! That exciting time when we get to give out candy to little kids in our neighborhood (we get like 400 trick or treaters) and also carve pumpkins. Pumpkin is a "hot" topic right now. I see just about everywhere ads for pumpkin lattes. At restaurants I see pumpkin soups on the menu and at the grocery store I see lots of mini pumpkins  for your mantle or table. 

Below are some fun a creative ways a client of ours embraced her love of fall and pumpkins at her wedding that you can use for your fall wedding.

Mini pumpkins were used at the escort card table as guests arrived. The escort cards, shaped as leaves were attached with a fine floral pin. It was a fun explosion of orange as guests arrived to the cocktail hour

We also used pumpkins as part of the centerpieces on the tables, carved with stars and circles and octagons. The pumpkins offered a gorgeous glow on the tables.  

We even used mini pumpkins carved out as the soup bowl for the first course of dinner. Paired with a lovely spinach salad we loved the orange pop. 

Pictures thank to Becky Hill Photography