Glossed and Found announces Glossed and Gowned Wedding Guide

If you do not already have it marked as a favorite read every week, Glossed and Found is a must to read for all things fashion, beauty and fun in Chicago. The beautiful and always smiling Stacey Roney founded Glossed and Found and her editor and creative director  (and oh so dashing), Graham Kostic and Emily Hard produce a weekly on-line video magazine and blog that I can't wait to receive every week. They are also known as planning and producing the most fun and wonderful events in Chicago of which I have attended many and can't wait to attend the next one! 

Just this last week they had their first Wedding Issue and I was so flattered and tickled pink to be included as part of the Glossed and Gowned Wedding Guidethey shared with their readers. Thanks Stacey and Graham for including Engaging Events by Ali in your Glossed and Gowned resource guide. 

And make sure to check back at Glossed and Found  every week for their fun tips and video blog about all things fashion, beauty, entertaining and weddings in Chicago!