Be Prepared

Every smart girl needs to be prepared for an emergency while out and about shopping for wedding dresses or having lunch with her bridesmaids. Why not get a Swiss Army Knife for your purse? I know, I know, sounds very manly and boring but check out these cute Miss A Knife Kit. It comes in 12 different colors, to match your purse or pick your favorite color! 

Chipped a nail? No worries, the Miss A Knife kit has a nail file. Snagged a hem? No worries, the Miss A Knife kit has a needle and thread. Need to open a bottle of wine in the park but don't have a corkscrew? No worries, your knife has a corkscrew. I purchased some for our wedding emergency kits we carry on the wedding day.

This adorable and very useful gadget can be purchased at the following link:
Click Here to Purchase.