What I Loved about The Royal Wedding

Friday I woke up at 3am to watch the World Series-Superbowl-NBA Finals-Stanley Cup of the wedding industry; Catherine and William's Royal Wedding. Everything about it was magical, perfect, timeless and classic. It was a return to traditional and in every way it was PERFECTION!

Things that completely stood out to me that I believe we will see as trends following this magical event. 

Dresses with lace and sleeves.

Kate's dress was classic, elegant, had lace and lovely sleeves. In a wedding fashion world where most of what I see is strapless (which is lovely as well), it was nice that Kate did something different. And I loved how the train was not too long and she moved around easily in the dress. Her tiara was borrowed from Queen Elizabeth. Done by Cartier, the tiara was elegant but not overpowering and her shorter veil looked perfect on her. I can not wait to see how bride's translate Kate's looks into their own. 

Smaller Bouquets.

Kate's bouquet was petit and understated and had some special meanings. Each flower represented in her bouquet was carefully selected and had special meaning. This would be very cute for brides to put in their wedding programs. And it did not overpower her or take away at all from her magnificent dress. I love a little, tiny, white or ivory bouquet and I bet this is a trend we start to see.

Hats for Guests

Oh each one was more awesome than the next. What fun it was to see everyone arriving in their cool hats and fascinators. I wore one myself at a Tea I attended at the InterContinental and then on WGN when I was on to talk about Royal Wedding Trends. (will post that link soon). Will we see guests having fun and showing up with hats on at a wedding? My guess is YES!

 The Wedding Cake Comeback

Oh that was a GORGEOUS cake. While I doubt many American brides will embrace their cakes being fruit cake, I do think the cake is making a comeback. What I loved was how elegant it was and that it was just that, a big and beautiful wedding cake. Cupcakes are fun and hey, I love cupcakes, but there is something about a gorgeous wedding cake that I loved seeing Kate and Will do this this weekend.  I think the wedding cake is going to make it's comeback to popularity. 

The Get-away Car

Too many times the bride and groom slip secretly away from the church or the reception. What a surprise did we all have when William and Kate left Buckingham Palace in a Aston Martin decorated with the colors of the Union Jack. It was a big surprise to everyone, even all the news reporters who so tirelessly knew all the details of the wedding day. I think we will find a comeback of the get-away car, complete with balloon and banner decorations!

Many congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs., The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. It was so magical to watch and we thank you for sharing your special day with all two billion of us watching!