Kyla and Pat Mirabella

When I got engaged my mom and I met with a few wedding planners. Ali was by far the most personable, knowledgeable and open about her experiences and planning process. We knew immediately that we wanted to hire Ali, and as a result my wedding ended up being more beautiful, and more importantly, more fun than I could have ever imagined. The entire day and evening flowed seamlessly, thanks to Ali’s amazing organization. There were so many times throughout the engagement that my mom and I were overwhelmed with questions as to the appropriate way of doing things. I cannot stress enough how wonderful it was to have Ali available to answer all of our questions, by e-mail, phone or even a meeting if we wanted it. 
It is usually not that difficult for me to make a decision, however, during the process of planning my wedding, often the last thing that I wanted to do was make another one. When I wasn’t sure what decision to make, it was so nice having Ali there to give her insight. I have complete trust in her opinions and ideas. Every single thing that she assured me was going to be great at the wedding, or a big hit with guests, turned out to be just that - and much, much more!!! Ali has a gift for understanding a bride’s style and personality. My mom and I loved every single vendor that she introduced to us to. They were all like her – kind, laid-back, efficient, easy to work with, fun to be around – absolute professionals! They are all (Ali included) masters at what they do. The last two weeks before the wedding I worked a lot, and didn’t have much time to spare. Ali took care of the timeline for the wedding, confirmed drop-off and pick-up times with the vendors, and made sure that everyone involved in the wedding had each others contact information. She was always there to answer my last minute questions about the seating chart, place cards and menus. With multitudes of out-of-town guests arriving, I am not sure how my mom and I would have made it through that last week without her. Pat and I had so much fun on our wedding day, and it was even more fun to see our parents, family and friends having such an amazing time. We received compliment after compliment on the band, the flowers, the dancing between courses etc. It is truly thanks to Ali, who coordinated it all. If you are planning a wedding, hire Ali – she will support you in the process, understand your vision, and make it more spectacular than you ever thought possible!!! Kyla Marabella